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The Price of Outdoor Relief

Although the 1845 potato crop failed in Autumn of that year, a large portion of the crop had been harvested – enough to see many people through the winter.  But when the crop failed again in 1846, there were increasing … Continue reading

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The South Street Seaport – the Famine era ‘Port of New York’

Lower Manhattan docks as they appeared in the 1840’s.  Note where the Liverpool (and undoubtedly Galway, Dublin and Cork) packet ships would have docked. *  Of course, the Brooklyn Bridge hadn’t yet been built. Over half a million Famine survivors entered … Continue reading

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The Encumbered Estates Act

By 1849, the largest estates in County Galway were indebted in excess of their annual rental incomes as follows: Mahon estates – 1,031 pounds yearly income, 22,841 debt Brabazon estates – 4,361 pounds income, 65,748 debt Lambert estates – 5,065 pounds income, 70,583 debt … Continue reading

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